4 Simple Upgrades To Get More Enjoyment Out Of Your Computer.

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11 Nov 2014

4 Simple Upgrades To Get More Enjoyment Out Of Your Computer.

In previous years, it was common place to update the components inside your computer to make them bigger, better and faster. However with the cost of new PC’s being so low, it usually makes more sense to replace your computer instead of upgrading it. However, there are a few things that you can get for your computer that can help improve your computing experience without spending a lot of money.

Your Keyboard & Mouse

A brand new keyboard and mouse can make using your computer a lot more pleasurable. Most new input devices focus on ergonomics to make them more comfortable to use, as well as adding extra buttons and features to make controlling your computer much faster. Many people who purchase a new computer just keep their old keyboards, so if you have had yours for a while maybe head to your local computer shop to see what you are missing out on.

Your Internet Connection

We are always surprised how many people havent checked to see if they are getting the best value for money from their service providers. If you havent called your ISP for a few years, you should call them up and ask if you are getting the best deal. Most of the time you will either be able to get a faster connection or more monthly downloads without any additional charges. Be warned though, they may try to lock you into a lengthy contract so make sure they are offering you a great price before committing. It often pays to shop around if you are out of a contract.

Your Speakers

Once again, your speakers are a great item to upgrade as you can take them with you from computer to computer. You can get great sounding multi-speaker setups at reasonable prices these days that can really enhance playing games and watching movies online. Even playing your favourite music sounds much better with a good set of high quality speakers.

Your Monitor

People who havent upgraded their monitor for several years may be surprised by how cheap you can pick up a brand new flat screen display for your computer. Much like the TV market, prices have dropped substancially over the years, with high definition screens and large sizes coming at a fraction of their previous cost. You may want to check that your computer supports the inputs/outputs that the monitors need, but most computers are fitted with at least a DVI port which should do the job.

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