Questions To Ask When Making A Website

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16 Mar 2015

Questions To Ask When Making A Website

At Geelong Computer Doctors, we are well known in the area for our fast and award winning onsite computer repairs for home and business customers. However, did you know that we also LOVE making websites? It’s a great way for us to merge our technical abilities and our creative side. For us, it is very important that our websites deliver results for business and we are proud of what we have achieved for others in this area. Here are a few things to consider when making a website for your business.

How Will You Update The Site?

Most websites these days will come with the option to have a CMS. This refers to a content management system and the most common example of this is WordPress. Some companies have their own CMS which can have its own pro’s and con’s. We prefer to stick with WordPress ourselves when making websites purely because it is the most trusted solution out there, it is supported by all web hosts and you are not locked in to any one provider. Best of all, the software is free, (however there are of course costs to implement it).

Will It Be Responsive?

A responsive site is one that is able to be viewed across all devices, from smart phones to wide screen computers. While there are some extra costs associated with this, as of April 2015 Google will stop ranking sites on mobile devices that do not appear correctly. You definitely want to make sure your site displays well across devices of all sizes to ensure the best exposure for your business.

Will It Be Custom Made Or A Template

There are two main ways that a website can be made. The cheapest is to get a ready made template and edit it. The downside to this is that it limits what you can do with the site and generally has a cheaper feel as you try to fit your content around a pre-existing look. We choose to only make custom made designs, they do cost more and take more time however the end result is a superior product. This means that all of our work is completely flexible, and built from the group up to do exactly what you need it to.

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