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We know that the most important thing to our customers is the data they have saved on their computer. While it is very easy to go out and buy a new computer, you can not buy back your memories such as your photos or replace those important business documents if your hard drive crashes. Data recovery is possible, however the costs can be very high if there is physical damage to your hard drive.

Most people have good intentions and realise that their data should be backed up, however we have found that 85% of people are not doing this regularly enough. We have also found that many people are putting all of their files on external hard drives, and when these cease to work they risk losing everything.

Here at Geelong Computer Doctors, we make things nice and easy. Our online backup solution will automatically back up your files online, safely and securely. It will do this at a time that you specifiy (the middle of the night is always good!) so you can simply set it, and forget it.

Why Choose Our Secure Online Backup Service | Starting from a low $9.95 per month

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should be using our service!


Affordable – With plans starting from a low $9.95 per month and covering up to 5 computers, there really is no better time to join. Best of all, there are no minimum contracts or set up fees.

Set & Forget – The best feature about our online backup, if that you dont need to worry about remembering to backup your files. You simply choose the folders you want to save and they will be backed up to the cloud automatically.

Safe & Secure – Your data is encrypted as it is transferred, and only you will have access to your data. We use 256 bit encryption to protect your precious files from prying eyes.

Easy Access – Once your data is uploaded, you can access your files from any computer system in the world. Even your mobile device! Never be caught without those important files you need again.

Great For Families – As our system supports up to 5 computers, you can share your allocated online storage space between all of your laptops, computers, mobile devices and even with your friends and family.

Varying Sizes – We have a variety of plans with varying levels of storage space to suit everyone from students to entire companies. If you have any specific requirements, you can always contact us to discuss what you require.

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