Reasons A Computer Runs Slowly

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23 Sep 2014

Reasons A Computer Runs Slowly

One of the most frustrating issues for computer users is when their machines start to slow down. In fact, speeding up slow computers is one of the most common issues that we assist our customers with. There are many reasons why a computer can run slowly, and we can help repair them all. Here are just a few of the things that may be causing your issues:

Virus Infections

A virus is essentially a program that runs in the background on your computer, which uses your systems resources in the process. If you do have a virus or any form of malware on your machine, you will notice an improvement in speed as soon as it is removed.

Too Much On Your Hard Drive

Having a lot of files on your computer isn’t really the issue, however if you start to run out of hard drive space your computer can really slow down. The reason for this is that Windows requires a certain amount of free hard drive space to operate efficiently. You should make sure you have at least 10% free on your C drive at any time.

Faulty Hard Drive

There are very few parts that can make a computer run slowly, however a faulty hard drive can really slow your PC dramatically. This is because it will take a very long time to be able to read and access your files, so it may freeze or lock up at regular intervals. If your computer has a faulty drive, it is very important to backup your files well before it fails.

Computer Is Overheating

All computers hate the heat, and many PC’s (especially laptops) will slow themselves down to avoid overheating. This is done to protect your components and prevent any long term damage being done to the machine. It is good to have your computer professionally cleaned to avoid these sorts of issues.

Too Many Programs On The Computer

Having a lot of programs installed on the computer is not really an issue, however if they are all running at once it can be. If you have a lot of icons showing down in the system tray (the little area beside the clock in the lower right of your screen) then it may need a good clean out. The more programs that are running in the background, the less free resources you have for the programs you actually want to use.

At Geelong Computer Doctors, we are able to help quickly diagnose and repair any issues that may be slowing down your computer. Don’t put up with the frustration of a slow PC longer than you have to. You can reach us on 5215 1111 and we would be happy to have a chat to you about your problems and see what we can do to assist you.

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