Warning Signs That You May Have A Virus

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26 Aug 2014

Warning Signs That You May Have A Virus

One of the most common issues we deal with at Geelong Computer Doctors is virus removal. Most of the time it is quite obvious when you have a virus, however some of the symptoms can be less subtle. Here are some of the most common things that you should look out for.

Pop Up Messages / Advertising:

The majority of viruses these days will try to display advertising, in an attempt to earn money for themselves. The ad’s you see will vary, but they can be anything from programs claiming to speed up your computer, to driver updates and prizes that you have won “instantly”. If you see anything like this on your computer – you have a virus.

Computer Runs Very Slowly:

If your computer is running much slower than it used to be, then there may be a program running in the background that is taking up your system resources. If it is not a program that you know about and use, it may be something a bit nastier like malware.

Computer Crashes:

Computers can crash for all sorts of reasons (both hardware and software issues can cause this), however if you have programs that keep crashing, it may be the sign of a virus. Malware can cause software conflicts with your programs and cause them to stop operating how they should.

Constant Hard Drive Activity:

If your hard drive activity light on your computer is constantly flashing, even when you are not performing any work on your computer, you may have a problem. Of course, this could be caused for a legitimate program running in the background, or it could be something bad.

Problems Browsing The Internet:

Viruses like to make life as difficult for computer users as possible. Sometimes they will try to stop you being able to perform basic functions like accessing the internet. If you are able to get online, a virus can often change your homepage to something else (a different search engine that makes them money), or redirect you to different sites than you had intended to go to.

You Received Bounced Emails You Didn’t Send:

A virus often tries infect other users through emails. If you have been infected, it is possible that the malware may have accessed your contacts and sent out fake emails from your address book. If you notice emails bouncing back to you that you didn’t send out, it is possible these were done by a “bot” which has infected your computer.
Also, if your friends say that they received a strange email from you that you didn’t send, that is another clear warning sign.

If you are experiencing anything we have mentioned here, there is no need to panic. Our friendly team of onsite repair technicians are able to come to your home or office in Geelong and all surrounding suburbs, and help fix up any computer issues that you may be experiencing that very same day. For more information, please give us a call on (03) 5215 1111.

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